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EgoPo Classic Theater revitalizes the great classics of theater and literature through adventurous and physically dynamic stagings that re-awaken the essence of the original work. EgoPo emphasizes a highly physical approach to acting and vocal performance, aiming to create visceral theater that compels the attention and imagination of the audience. Through the innovative use of space and theatrical form, they create unforgettable theatrical events that envelop audiences in curated, ambitious themed seasons which take audiences on in-depth theatrical journeys.

Artistic Director Lane Savadove started EgoPo in 1993 as a theater company, as well as an acting method designed to bring emotional depth and physical commitment to classic literature. Since that time, EgoPo has staged over 50 productions regionally, nationally, and internationally. EgoPo has been based in Philadelphia since 2005, celebrating 14 years of working with Philadelphia artists as a part of the city’s theatrical renaissance. 


EgoPo has been consistently honored critically and inside the industry. In 2017, EgoPo was awarded the June and Steve Wolfson Award for Best Evolving Theater, as well as the Barrymore awards for Best Production of the Year, and Best Set Design for staging Chekhov’s The Seagull, among a total of 11 nominations.

This season, EgoPo is honored to partner with Lawrence Theatre as co-producers of our 2020-2021 World Premiere, Underground, an adaptation of Dostoyevky's Notes from Underground, co-created by Lawrence's Artistic Director, Damien J. Wallace, and EgoPo's Associate Producer, Dane Eissler.  Later in the season, Lawrence will present a virtual reading of their new play, Three OG's for EgoPo's audiences:


"At this moment in time, we have both the joy and responsibility of introducing theater excellence to our patrons who might otherwise not be able to experience it.  Working with Lawrence Theater this season is a chance for us to highlight their impactful work to our audiences. Theater, by nature of its person to person experience, is community-based.  Each organization tends to gather around itself its own audience and community. But the art of theater also asks us to go outside of our comfort zone and to empathize with other points of view.  Our collaboration with Lawrence provides a new connection for our audiences, a new perspective for our organization, and celebrates the true diversity of theater making in our city."  - Lane Savadove, Founding Artistic Director, EgoPo. 



 Lawrence Theatre Company

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